The Journey
Showing, Teaching, and Releasing God’s Love to the world

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Missionaries to Honduras focusing on feeding the hungry, teaching discipleship and treating the sick. We work with the Lenca Indians in and around Intibucá, Honduras.

Love of God Medical Clinic
This is a family practice medical clinic in Yamaranguila, Intibuca’, Honduras. We minister and treat over 10,000 poeple a year shining light into the darkness. People come, many on foot, from hours a way to receive the elevated card and assess to medicine. They leaving knowing God loves them.

Feeding Center
The feeding center feeds 35 sometimes up to 65 children a week and teaches God’s Love. It is located in Lepaterique near the town dump. It has now grown into a church that meat 3 times a week.  

Capital campaign 100/100
We are praying for 100 people/church/groups to commit to give $100 or more a month for a year. Will you support us and see the work continue and see the second clinic open? 

We have grown so much over the years. We have experienced an acceleration in the last two years and need a breakthrough. We have opened our clinic full time in December 2016 and have seen over 10,000 people in the last 12 months. They see the doctor who prays for them. They receive lab tests and medicines as needed. It costs us $5 to treat and minister to each one. Our second clinic is about to open. We are praying fervently for the funds to come in by the end of 2018 to cover the first clinic and to open the second clinic. We have barely been able to keep the first clinic open. With your support, we will not only keep it open but also open the second one where we expect to minister to more than the first clinic.

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